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ExxonMobil Extends Lubricant Analysis Offerings with Singapore Lab Expansion

ExxonMobil inaugurated a new testing laboratory in Singapore on February 5, 2024, as an extension of its Mobil Serv lubricant analysis service tailored for commercial clients. The primary objective of the facility is to streamline access to insights that reduce time and expenses, ultimately enhancing machinery uptime for those utilizing Mobil-branded lubricants.

The Singapore lab's opening is set to enhance the Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis service, aiding customers in saving time and costs while promoting equipment reliability and productivity, according to Glen Sharkowicz, ExxonMobil Aviation and Marine Global Marketing Manager. The facility is designed to potentially reduce sampling time by up to 66%, providing essential information for maintaining equipment productivity and minimizing expensive repairs.

Mobil Serv utilizes algorithms and oil database analysis to generate actionable recommendations based on used lubricant samples. This approach supports users in enhancing equipment reliability, efficiency, and sustainability, as highlighted by the company.

Goh Chung Hun, Head of Fleet Division at Pacific International Lines (PIL), expressed satisfaction with the collaboration with ExxonMobil. He mentioned that it has allowed PIL to monitor equipment health and optimize lubricant usage across their fleet, leading to improved cost-efficiency in operations. Goh Chung Hun also expressed confidence in the newly established lab in Singapore, anticipating that it would further facilitate timely analytical services to enhance fleet uptime, aligning with PIL's objective of "driving connectivity" for their customers.

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ExxonMobil Extends Lubricant Analysis Offerings with Singapore Lab Expansion


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