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Brenntag announces acquisition to expand into Southern Italy

Brenntag, a global leader in the distribution of chemicals, has unveiled its strategic move into Southern Italy through the acquisition of a chemical logistics site from Chimica D’Agostino in Bari. The announcement, made on February 5th, marks the company's expansion efforts as it continues to solidify its presence in key regions. The 35,000 square meter facility not only strengthens Brenntag’s foothold in Southern Italy but also strategically enhances its regional network. This acquisition, coupled with an existing site in Anagni, positions Brenntag to provide improved services along both the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian coasts.

Ignazio Vullo, President of Brenntag Essentials EMEA South, emphasized the significance of the location in line with their broader strategy, stating, “The location perfectly fits our strategy to grow service offerings and be the most trusted supplier across all industries.” The Bari site boasts essential features such as tank storage, powder warehousing, and blending capabilities. This comprehensive facility not only aligns with Brenntag’s growth objectives but also expands the company’s last-mile delivery options, enabling better support for its regional customer base.

This investment is part of Brenntag Essentials’ overarching plan, known as the “Strategy to Win,” aimed at increasing the company’s footprint to improve proximity and solidify its market position. Brenntag, as the global leader in chemical and ingredient distribution, continues to connect customers and suppliers through strategic acquisitions, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable supply chain for industries worldwide. The move into Southern Italy underscores Brenntag's commitment to expanding its service capabilities and reinforcing its position as a trusted partner in the chemical distribution landscape.

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Brenntag announces acquisition to expand into Southern Italy


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